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Komplettsystem "Optischer Chopper"

Optical choppers are a mechanical method of repetitively switching light beams on and off. They consist of a slotted rotating disc through which the light beam passes producing the chopping action.

Scitec produces a very wide range of optical choppers. If you can't find what you want then please contact us and we will try to help.

300er Serie

Our most popular range of optical choppers. 5Hz to 3kHz range as standard with options to 40kHz.

310er Serie

A high speed chopper system capable of chopping at 120kHz.

320er Serie

A dual frequency optical chopper system with 4 different discs.

340er Serie

200mm disc based system enables large beams to be chopped.

350er Serie

30mm disc based optical chopper system giving a smaller head size.

360er Serie

A small compact low cost system suitable for OEM use.


A microprocessor based, crystal controlled frequency optical chopper system from Terahertz Technologies Inc.

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